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Damage to a Bumper ?
Depending on your vehicle, and your future plans for it, your estimator may recommend a spot repair on the bumper. He may also suggest removing and repairing the car bumper. This process guarantees the best coverage, prevents any overspray on the vehicle, and ensures there will be no paint bridging the gap between the bumper and the rest of the vehicle. Paint blending and clear coating will also be needed to complete the repair.

Lease Turn In Auto Body Repair
We can help save on costly dealer charges at the end of a lease. Failure to correct dents, dings and scratches before the end of a lease can lead to costly charges from the dealer.
Let us look at any repair and spot painting that can get your car in compliance with the lease turn-back terms at an amazingly low cost. We will repair your leased carís body with efficient and exacting processes that restore metal surfaces to original factory specs, with seamless fit and finish. Make lease turn-back a smoother, faster and less-expensive. Repairs now can save you lots of money before you return your leased car.

The cost of painting.

Most vehicles that have been repaired have to be panel painted.
Panel painting requires a much different degree of skill and precision than over all painting.
Color matching and blending to adjacent panels is much more involved and labor intense.
Considerable more time, material and technical skills are needed to return the finish to the
pre damage condition and color match.
Bumper damage

Lease Return

Cost of Painting
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